College degrees have often been the goal of people looking to find better jobs, stable employment, and increased earnings. However, many times the journey to getting a certificate or degree is not so clear or easy for non-traditional college students, immigrants or working professionals looking to advance themselves. Luckily, CONNECT has programs that can help you advance yourself academically!

CONNECT was very supportive. They helped me do something with myself... Lucia helped me get into school, and I took a healthcare administration certificate.
Marisol Maldonado

Through our partner Bunker Hill Community College we offer programs that help you prepare yourself for college and certificate programs:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
  • GED classes
  • Free Financial Aid Assistance
  • College Application Assistance
  • Introduction to College Workshops
  • Transitions to College program – a bridge program for people with GEDs that allows you to be fully prepared for college courses once you enroll in a college or university
  • Career Pathway Program – a certificate program that tailors your English & math classes towards a specific job in the health, science or tech industry
  • Scholarships & One-on-One Tutoring – a few scholarships are available each year to CONNECT clients for BHCC’s Allied Health program, and all BHCC students in CONNECT programs are eligible for academic coaching and tutoring.

Is your organization investing in cross-sector work? We would love to speak with you about how you can reach your full potential.