Link It Over

Links from the web that we found relevant. They don't always represent our point of view, but they're interesting:

Everett Independent: St Therese’s Church to Be Developed into Elderly, Middle-Income Housing
The old St. Therese’s Church on Broadway was well known for spending nearly 1,500 days in a vigil protest of the closing of the beloved Parish.

ProPublica: Facebook (Still) Letting Housing Advertisers Exclude Users by Race
After ProPublica revealed last year that Facebook advertisers could target housing ads to whites only, the company announced it had built a system to spot and reject discriminatory ads. We retested and found major omissions.

StrongTowns: 4 Easy Steps To Squash The "There's No Parking" Argument
I wish I had a bus ticket for every time I heard someone say this. Unless you're Manhattan or San Francisco, it is fair to say you don't have a parking problem. I take that back. You do have a parking problem – there’s too much of it.

Washington Post: The left reconsiders zoning
Many on the political left have begun to rethink restrictive zoning and point out the ways in which it makes housing more expensive for the poor and lower middle class, and deprives them of job opportunities.

The Hill: Tax reform could be catastrophic for millions of low-income families
Nearly 1 million homes affordable to low-income families, seniors and veterans are at risk as Congress negotiates a final tax bill. That’s 1 million households whose stability, health and economic well-being is threatened. We cannot let this happen.

The Urban Edge: How The Low Income Housing Tax Credit Process Affects Access To Jobs, Good Schools And More
In Houston, roughly 37 percent of homeowners and renters spend more than 30 percent of their income on housing costs, according to 2015 estimates from the Census Bureau. That bar is often used as a measure of affordability and Houston, like many other cities across the country, is facing a shortage of affordable housing.

WBUR: Wynn Casino Opens Final Phase Of Environmental Cleanup
Riding up the Mystic River, you can see all of the work underway to build the resort casino coming to the Boston area in about 18 more months.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Budget Briefs: The Republican Two-Step Fiscal Agenda
Congressional Republicans this fall are poised to launch step one of a likely two-step tax and budget agenda: enacting costly tax cuts now that are heavily skewed toward wealthy households and profitable corporations, then paying for them later through program cuts mostly affecting low- and middle-income families.

The Salem News: Company donates land for future city housing credits
A small-scale affordable housing complex is set to occupy a vacant lot at 2 Hardy St., behind where Beverly Crossing recently built a new apartment building at 131 Rantoul St.

City Lab: The Arc of Gentrification Bends Towards Spike Lee
Spike Lee’s beef with gentrification in Brooklyn comes full circle in his new “She’s Gotta Have It” Netflix series.