Link It Over

Links from the web that we found relevant. They don't always represent our point of view, but they're interesting:

CityLab: Why Is 'Affordable' Housing So Expensive to Build?
As costs keep rising, it’s becoming harder and harder for governments to subsidize projects like they’ve done in the past.

Chelsea Record: Four Councillors Call for Building Moratorium Regarding Parking ‘Crisis’
Four Chelsea City Councillors called for a one-year moratorium on all building projects that cannot meet the off-street parking requirements spelled out in the City’s zoning regulations.

Boston Globe: Building more homes means crowded schools, right? Not so, study says
It’s long been a truism thrown about during suburban housing debates: More homes in a town means more kids in the schools.

Revere Journal: Paying Big Bucks:Several Key Properties Bought by New Developers
Westbrook Partners, of New York City, have acquired the 194-unit Vanguard at Waterfront Square luxury apartment community on Revere Beach, which opened in 2016, for $59.85 million in cash. The sale amounts to approximately $308,505 per unit.

Fast Company: Living In A Dense City Makes Citizens Healthier
More density means less obesity. But there’s a sweet spot: Too much density is bad, too.

CityLab: Where Evictions Hurt the Most
A new Apartment List report aims to more accurately estimate the scope of America’s eviction problem.

WBUR: The Evolving Vocational-Tech School: Preparing Students For Work In Growing Fields
This story is part of a BostonomiX series called “The Future Of Work” that examines the jobs of the future and the skills needed for those jobs.

CityLab: The Rise of the Rich Renter
“The rise in higher-income renter households may mask the significant housing affordability challenges faced by lower-income renter households.”

Brookings: Yet more evidence that housing affordability is getting worse
Evidence continues to pile up revealing that housing affordability is getting worse, particularly for low-income households.

Everett Independent: Master Plan for Malden River Greenway Completed, Ready
The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA), in partnership with the cities of Everett, Malden, and Medford, announced the completion this week of the Malden River Greenway Vision Plan to reimagine the future of the Malden River.

Fast Company: What Happens When Land Is More Expensive Than The Buildings On Top?
Because of policies that prevent density, cities have ended up in a position where the value of land vastly outstrips the value of the buildings on them.